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Design of automated control systems

Our company offers automated control systems design services in different industries.

Design of control systems is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Initial data collection on the object and preparation of technical specifications for the planned control system;
  2. Development and customer adoption of basic technical solutions to determine the optimal equipment composition taking into account already applied equipment and price-quality ratio;
  3. Commercial proposal preparation;
  4. Automated control systems design;
  5. Final stage of developed project approval by the customer;
  6. Oversight and guarantee maintenance of the object.

Please note that production modernization is performed without or with minimal production stops.

Automated process control system design includes:
  • designing of the field level equipment and measuring devices. Given stage includes development of the functional object automation schemes; definition of the types and places of sensorsand operating mechnism installation; development of the technical means structure schemes, electrical control cabinets principal schemes, external wiring diagrams, plans of routes.
  • designing of the enterprise power supply networks. This stage includes: technological equipment load calculation, development of power distribution cabinets schemes, single line mechanism schemes development; designing of the energy accounting system with the following transmission of the data into the general automated control system of the enterprise.
  • designing of the information collection and processing level, actuators control. At this stage selection of the controller type and structure, functioning algorithms and programming of the controller are developed.
  • designing of the operator stations and network level. At this stage automated operator workspace and networks are designed.


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