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The system of the automatic control of the length of the strip between the pulling rollers and mill stand DUO in the loop pit of continuous pickling line NTA-1

Contemporary high-speed strip processing lines require additional devices, creating metal reserve to provide continuous operation of the line. In the cold reduction of the strip departments there are continuous pickling lines, galvanizing, electrolytic tinning, annealing and cutting.

During the continuous strip moving at a constant speed through the technological line arises the need of stopping head or tail part of the machine for welding the ends of rolls, the weld cutting, installing the roll on the uncoiler and removal of the roll from the winder after handling on the line.

Currently, at the head and tail parts of the machine are installed devices providing a stock the strip for the welding process, as well as installation and removal of the roll. Such devices are loop pits with freely sagging loop.

For the continuous work the continuous-pickling line between the welding machine and pickling bath band is laid as loops in a specially constructed pit in the floor of the shop. Loops in the pit are arranged horizontally, and the band is gradually stretches by pulling rolls in the pickling bath.

For the stable operation of pickling line NTA-1 was created a system of automatic control of the length of the the strip into a loop hole.

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The system carries out the tasks:

  • measuring the length of the the strip, entering and coming out of the loop pits; calculating the length of the strip (loop), located in a loop pit;
  • calculating the length of the strip (loop), located in a loop pit;
  • setting the limit loop length values in the loop pit;
  • loop length indication in digital form;
  • light signals and control commands (stopping the mill stand DUO) on reaching the loop length defined limits.

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