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The system of ordering a blast for a blast furnace BF-2

In the process of melting in the blast furnace is required a continuous and uniform flow of air under an excess pressure of 0.2-0.5 MPa, heated to a temperature of 1000-1400°С. The amount of air supplied is usually 2-2.5 m3 / min per 1 m3 of the furnace’s extent/ (up to 7,000-11,000 m3 / min).

The temperature and amount of flow of air is determined by the physico-chemical processes of melting, which in its turn greatly influences the change of furnace productivity and fuel consumption. The exposure the hot blast to the blast furnace process is especially effective when enriching it with oxygen supplied to the intake manifold blowing machine. In addition, directly to the tuyeres of the furnace can be supplied extra fuel – natural gas, coal dust, oil.


The development of the system of ordering a blast provides:

  • day and night automatic equipment control according to set schedules of compliance the temperature;
  • optimization process of smelting process;
  • long-distance monitoring and control with ARM controller complex;
  • reducing fuel consumption;
  • increasing the productivity of the furnace.
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  • Skills Automation
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