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The speed modes convolution machines control system

Convolutional machines are intended for coiling the strip by bending the band between the rollers. The alternating current motor drive of each convolution machine is individual (AC motors with squirrel-cage rotor type ARM 2P74-10b 10 kW, 500 V, 50 Hz, 550 rev / min). Energy delivery to eight motors of each convolution machine is carried out by reversing variable frequency inverter with rated current of 400 A, voltage of 380 V and cycles of 50 Hz. The system provides a backup inverter for three convolution machines.


Functions of panel controllers:

  • Receiving the input discrete signals from control equipment located on the cover panel;
  • The reception from the local network of digital codes CAN output of the frequency converters;
  • Logical processing of the received information;
  • Formation and transmission of digital signals to the display indicators located on the cover panel;
  • Transferring of control data via CAN (assignment of speed to frequency converters).
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