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System diagnostics of bell-type furnaces thermal separation

Packing band cutting machine control system is intended for:

  • automatic control of machinery and electrical equipment of packing band cutting machine to provide the functions of cutting the band;
  • ensuring reliable and safe exploitation of the machine equipment.


 The purpose of the automatic cutting machine control system is to obtain economic benefit.

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Control actions:

The purpose of the automatic cutting machine control system is to obtain economic benefit by means of:

  • increasing the reliability of the machine’s work through the use of modern means of automation;
  • improving the quality of the packaging band by optimizing and improving the accuracy of the cut;
  • more efficient use of the cutting machine by reducing the downtime of production equipment and consumption of raw materials and energy resources.

The control panel allows to cut the band both in manual and automatic mode at the specified length (from 1 to 12 meters). With the control panel the operator should be able to operate machinery and electrical equipment of the machine, with the further possibility of adjustment of the cut length of the strip. The set cut length is displayed on the control panel.


The control panel provides:

  • reception of logic (physical) signal from the machine controls and delivery control signals to control the process of cutting the strip;
    • he total number of discrete input channels – 12;
    • the total number of digital output channels – 8 (relay);
  • calculation and forming of control actions in accordance with the predetermined algorithm of equipment operation;
  • round the clock operation mode;
  • the possibility of further expansion of control functions without significant changes of hardware of control system;
  • uninterrupted operation in a actually existing electrical fluctuations;
  • the ability to display the technological parameters on the display panel;
  • convenient service of control system;
  • the possibility of further change, extension of functionality and scalability of the system, including the forces of craft services.

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