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The automated control system of the unit of the measuring cut of steel strip

The unit of the measuring cut is a part of the technological chain of the machine PGA 1-4×400-1500 includes leveling machine (LPM) and the lower cut scissors (NNR).

The roll-forming machine works on the process of shaping by piece. The material is rolled steel. The range of sizes of the mill includes bent channels of various configurations: equal channels, furring channels, C-channels, special channels, goffered sheet channels. The leveling machine is located in the line of the roll-forming machine behind the decoiler for rolls and is intended for ultimate straightening band coming from the unwinder. After a leveler the band is delivered to scissors with the lower cut for trimming the front end of the hot rolled strip, and cutting strips on dimensional (> 6 m) length.

As a result of implementing the system employees received convenient and multifunctional tool for the process control, automatic cutting the strip, as well as the ability to control and analyze the archive of technological process parameters.

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ASM TP has the following features:

  • visualization of the current state of equipment and running of the technological process;
  • automatic cutting of the strip into measured lengths;
  • hand control of mechanisms with full control by means of ASM TP;
  • the mode «Automatic without cut» (is used for particularly important order, where the maximum cut accuracy is required, and the operator visually monitors the cutting of each piece. This automation system measures the desired length, stops and waits for operator commands «Cut»);
  • archiving of the technological process parameters for subsequent analysis in clarifying causes of abnormal situations.

The structure and composition of the ASM TP

The principle of the automatic control system is a traditional for the industry. The main functions of management and data collection are made by the controller installed in the cabinet process automation. The controller is equipped with the necessary means for electrical isolation and conversion to digital signals from the sensors, as well as for the control actions. According to information channel STA-2 is connected with an industrial workstation located on the mill control board.

Hardware tools as part of ASM TP:

  • the console, which is an industrial workstation with LCD display and functional keyboard (AWS-8120, Advantech);
  • a box for technological automation.

All output and signals are brought in the technological automation box STA-2, which is located in the engine room and has an attached design. In the box signals are sent to the board of normalization and galvanic isolation, than with the help of input boards (Grayhill modules, UNIO-95-5, Fastwel) they are digitized and the obtained values, given to real values (PCA-6144, Advantech), are transmitted by information communication channel to industrial station to displaying and archiving.



The software of ASM TP is based on the SCADA / HMI system Trace Mode 5. During the work the mnemonic diagram of the technological process of industrial station is displayed on the display. Equipment and its current state is shown schematically on mnemonic diagram. The enabled equipment during its operation is highlighted.

The following process parameters are displayed on the mnemonic diagram:

  • mode of operation APCS;
  • defined speed of the mill;
  • the actual speed of the mill;
  • defined length of the cut;
  • the actual length of the final cut piece;
  • the cut error (in the form of diagram with a color alarm when going beyond the norm);
  • the current length of a measured the strip (intended for the «Automatic without the cut» mode);
  • readiness NNP, magnetic tape transport mechanism;
  • the current position of the scissors.

In addition the software allows you to display industrial station statistical information (number of cut dimensional pieces per hour, shift, day, month), observe the current status of technological process parameters in the form of graphs and record them in a file for later analysis.

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