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Software and hardware conveyor control complex

Our team has developed and implemented hot rolled coil conveyor process control system for thin-sheet hot rolling mill, JSC “Zaporizhstal”. The system provides emergency situations control, alarms and automatic shut down sections of the plant conveyors. SCADA TRACE MODE system and WinCon 8000 controllers have been selected as a tool of the process control system development.

Conveyors are an integral part of the hot-strip mill-1680. Continuous thin-sheet hot rolling mill has capacity of 3.5 million tons/year; is designed for production of steel strip with thickness of 2,0…8,0 mm, width 1000…1500 mm from the slabs coming from the blooming unit

  • Client JSC "Zaporizhstal"
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Software and hardware complex of transporter operation control

If all the equipment operates in normal mode, the winding interval of the roll is approximately 1.5 minutes. Then the winder unloads the roll of the cart, which transfers it to the conveyor, and at this time another winder starts winding. Winded rolls are moved from the winder further down the technological circuit by the means of transporters. Thus, transporters are very important unit. Transporter long-lasting operation stop may force operators to stop the operation of the mill because of the impossibility of unloading wounded rolls from the winder.

Transporters of JSC “Zaporizhstal” are conveyor type, which consist of consistent sections. For various reasons during transporter operation may occur a situation when mechanical connection between the engine and the circuit is lost resulting in the stop of this transporter section, as a result the rolls which moved on this transporter stop. At the same time, the previous transporter sections of the circuit continue to work, and the rolls begin to accumulate and damage each other.

If given situation occurs, automatic shut down of transporter emergency sections and previous to them sections is needed. The old systems of motor protection did not allow to detect the transporter section stop and notify the operator about emergency situation.

Transpoter process control system is designed for:

  • Clock control automation of mechanical and electrical equipment work of hot-rolled coils transporter
  • Alarm and automatic shut down of conveyors in accordance with the algorithm in case of emergency situation
  • Centralized supervisory control of transporter equipment

Structurally transporter control system consists of the following parts:

  • Display panel
  • Cabinet of technology automation
  • Blocks of remote input/output

Display panel is designed to receive signals from the switches on the operator’s station and visualizing the current state of the transporters’ equipment.

Electrical equipment control of transporters, information collection and analysis is operated by controller of technology automation cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with the necessary means for galvanic isolation and conversion into digital form of the signals from the sensors and issuing control actions. The basis of the cabinet is industrial controller WinCon-8000 running on Windows CE.net. The application software is based on real-time system Micro TRACE MODE 6.

Devices of input/output are the hardware and software blocks of transporters’ equipment remote control, which are used for survey, processing and transmission of signals in real time from equipment to the automated process control cabinet. Output/input device is based on modules of remote data collection I-7000 of ICPDAS. Non-contact optical position sensors (Balluff, BOS) were used as rotation sensors of transporter drive rollers.

Automated control system was developed and implemented in the shortest possible time.

Due to introduction of transporters’ process control systems at JSC “Zaporizhstal” the amount of roll deformation during transportation has been reduced. Accident localization time and repair work became shorter, thereby decreased downtime of the transporter.

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