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SCADA-system of aeration device

Transloading of bulk materials is the most common operation in processing of mineral raw materials. The process of moving of bulk materials is accompanied by significant dust emissions. The agglomerate transloading process results the biggest emission of dust. Additionally, you must clear air from harmful substances produced during the solid-fuel combustion.

To reduce dust emission during such production aeration devices are widely used. Their usage allows not only to protect the environment from industrial waste, but also to get economic benefits by returning to the production cycle of dustlike raw material.

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Water purification technology

The aeration device is a complex of technical and program means for air purification of harmful substances appearing during the combustion of solid fuels in furnaces. This hardware-technical complex consists of:

  • the filter, providing air cleaning;
  • the exhauster, necessary for extraction of air from the furnace;
  • the lube oil console , which provides the necessary equipment operations;
  • compressor, creates the necessary air pressure for the impulsive operated bag filter cleaning valves;
  • spark-arrester cyclone;
  • transport system of outloading of dust from the filter hoppers;
  • two united dust bunkers.

The filter is controlled by Siemens S7-1215C controller. To visualize the filter operation, local control and setting necessary settings the operator panel TP700 Comfort is used. Connection between the controller and the operator is carried out via the Ethernet line. The management of all other parts of the aeration device is carried out by the Siemens S7-315-2 controller.


Developed SCADA-system provides a complete visualization of the technical process and all components of the aeration device and gives the possibility to manage its actuating mechanisms. In this system involved 708 data signals and control signals, among which:

  • 54 analog signals;
  • 654 discrete signals.

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