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Oil extraction plant automation

The plant is designed to operate on two types of feedstock – sunflower seeds and soybeans, in this regard, the technological process at certain stages forks.

       Technological process of sunflower oil production contains:

  • cleaning of seeds on huller machines;
  • dividing of processed mass into fractions (kernel, husk, not fully processed, over processed);
  • heat treatment of seeds with steam conditioning;
  • hot pressing of the treated seeds in a screw press;
  • filtering of the oil after first pressing;
  • cooling of oil cake and transfer to extraction unit;
  • oil extraction;
  • oil gathering and storage;
  • gathering, storage and shipment of oil cake after extraction.
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Automated process control system of the plant consists of three local subsystems:

  • weighing, reception and unloading of the feedstock from the road transport (150/30 tons); elevator (storage silos – total about 70 thsd m3);
  • oil-press shop, oil storage unit; oil meal storage and shipment unit, hulls and husks (oil pressing unit, production capacity 600 t/day)
  • extraction unit(capacity 600 t/day)

     Each subsystem has a separate operator workstation that allows monitoring and operational management of the production process. In the case of production necessity or emergency situations related to the failure of equipment, subsystems can operate in standalone mode, thereby ensuring the continuity and independence of certain stages of the process.     the Overall structure of the equipment of the plant contains about 250 units of technological equipment and machinery. Management of transport mechanisms (conveyors, bucket elevators, valves, changeover valves), Rosalina winnowing and aspiration equipment is performed from centralized control cabinets. The management of individual equipment (presses, air conditioners, oil cake coolers, oil pumps) is supplied from the local control cabinets. Oil extraction plant is a complex process object.


Obvious advantages of the embedded control system:

  • full technological process operational display;
  • optimization of the plant control process;
  • display and record of the amount of raw materials and finished products;
  • technological equipment operation control;
  • alarm in case of stopping or locking of technological equipment by the product ;
  • emergency causes finding simplification;
  • flexibility and the ability of separate units, equipment and machinery to work in manual mode in case of emergency, to ensure smooth operation of the plant.

During the construction of an oil extraction plant our company has carried out:

  • Development of power supply project documentation;
  • Development of design documentation on electric power equipment and process automation;
  • Manufacturing of electrical equipment, according to sections of the project (Siemens , Eaton, Schneider Electric, ABB and other components);
  • Power supply equipment installation;
  • Installation of electrical equipment of oil-press unit, Elevator, boiler and process facilities automation systems;
  • Development and adjustment of software control of the plant based on TIA Portal STEP7 and SCADA system Win CC);
  • Integration into the overall technological equipment automation system of the following manufacturers:
  • Staff training and further support of the object.

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