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Hardware-software complex of measuring relative rolling mill 1700-1(2) strip compression

Temper rolling is carried out to improve the surface of the steel, and to produce surface hardening which is significant for sheets undergoing to further cold forming. It is a cold-rolled the strip with the magnitude a relative deformation of 1%.

The complex is intended for measuring relative compression on the temper mill 1700-1 (2) with the possibility of displaying the measured value to the operator and the registration on a paper chart recorder.

  • Client JSC "Zaporizhstal"
  • Skills Automation
  • Website https://www.zaporizhstal.com
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The following effect was obtained as a result of implementation of the system:

  • improving the reliability of the machine work by applying modern microprocessor-based means of automation and as a consequence, reduced downtime of production equipment due to the failures in an outdated control system;
  • increasing the productivity of the machine by means of fast information providing about the current relative compression without the need to stop and measuring by other means (methods);
  • the improved quality and competitiveness of produced goods by increasing the quality of the strip surface;
  • more efficient use ejector and equipment by reducing the downtime of production equipment and consumption of energy resources through the fault of failures.

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