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Electrical diagnostics system of the winder unit of hot-strip steel rolling plant


The winder unit of hot-strip steel rolling plant has been designed for production of steel cross-section strip of 1.5…10 mm x 500…1830 mm, in rolls weighing up to 16 tonnes of slabs with thickness 145…175 mm. Length of the strip – up to 800 m. Productivity per shift – up to 4000 T.

Mill equipment consists of 5 heating furnaces for 8-ton slabs, rough crate group “Duo” and 4 crates “quarto”, intermediate roller with flying shears, finishing group of the crate “Duo” and 6 stands “quarto”, outlet roller conveyor system with laminar cooling of the strip, 6 winders (3 were designed for 16-ton rolls(winder 1…3) and 3 – for 8-ton rolls (winder 4…6)), and system of roll transfer to the warehouse and to cold rolling shop cold rolling unit.

Electrical equipment and software were developed for the winder equipment diagnostics automation. The introduction was made together with the staff of hot-strip mill of JSC “Zaporizhstal”.

Winders diagnostic system collects signals from winders electrical equipment of areas 1-6. Some signals are taken directly from the winders control area. Second part of the signals come from the winders electrical control cabinets.

Economic effect was achieved by improving the quality of service, timely elimination of anomalies of equipment operation, reducing unplanned downtime of the mill

  • Client JSC "Zaporizhstal"
  • Skills Automation
  • Website https://www.zaporizhstal.com
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Winders electrical equipment diagnostics system was designed for:

  • automatic registration of controlled parameters, operator actions and events;
  • analysis of the technological process and the timely prevention of emergency situations;
  • increasing the efficiency of existing equipment usage by reducing equipment downtime and raw materials and energy consumption;
  • ensuring reliable and safe operation of the winder area equipment.

The system icludes following equipment:

  • Electrical diagnostics cabinet of winders 1-3;
  • Electrical diagnostics cabinet of winders 4-6;
  • Supervisory control automated workplace of administrator;
  • Remote input/output cabinet (control station of winders 1-3);
  • Remote input/output cabinet (control station of winders 4-6).

System consists of three logic levels:

  1. Level of data collection is designed to receive and transmit signals to the level of processing and archiving; is performed on a PC-compatible controllers; software packages operated on the basis MICROMV Trace Mode are installed on all controllers;
  2. Level of data processing and archiving is designed for: receiving data via the communication channels from the hardware of data collection level, technological process visualization, real time analysis of electrical equipment condition, archiving, logging, alarming, reporting generation; is performed on a PC-compatible controller operated on MBP Trace Mode
  3. Level of Supervisory control is designed for remote archive analysis, long-term storage, report printing (statistical data and data from the archives in diagrams); functions on administrator automated workplace.

All the levels are interconnected via Ethernet.

Main functions and features of the diagnostics system:

Remote input/output cabinets ensure:

  • cyclic condition monitoring of control devices located at control stations winders (including manual mode);
  • automatic transmission of data on control devices condition(operator actions) for registration and archiving;
  • management of light-signal and alarm equipment on the post, on the basis of information received from the existing diagnostic system.

Winders electrical diagnostic equipment performs:

  • receiving signals from electrical equipment of the winders, receiving data for archiving from the data controller via the communication channels;
  • entry of channels value to the archive;
  • displaying of the technological process mnemonic;
  • displaying of channel values in trends;
  • alarm reporting;
  • automated technological process deviation analysis;
  • formation and transmission of information to the remote input/output cabinet for displaying winders control posts and external alarm system enabling on light-signal equipment;
  • communication between the automatic control system of the rolling mill and higher level management and diagnostics system.

System software

System control and automation software is built on the basis of SCADA/HMI system Trace Mode 5.

During operation monitor displays a series of mnemonics, showing the current state of the process. Process equipment is conventionally shown on mnemonic. Switched on equipment is dislayed by the backlight or moving image.

Сonsidering the fact that one of the primary purposes of the system is technological process analysis and troubleshooting, special attention is paid to the visual displaying of received signals values in the form of trends and diagrams. The system is able to display signal values in real time for operational control as well as archival values for analysis (Image #3).

During operation system generates a report that is logged in messages of various types of operational information:

  • system information;
  • messages about critical situations;
  • alarms;
  • messages about changes in the modes of equipment operation;
  • operator actions registration.

Automated supervisory control workplace provides:

  • trend channel values displaying;
  • statistical reporting of rolling mill;
  • automatic copying of the archive files for long-term storage from winders electrical diagnostics cabinet;
  • graphical reporting documentation and archive data printout.

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