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Automatic control system of the vacuum-ammonium drying section

To form a ceramic shell the refractory coating is subjected to air, air-ammonia and ammonium-vacuum drying. The practice shows, the drying duration depends on the number of applied layers and model complexity and differs significantly for different methods. Thus, it is possible to dry coating on air for 4-10 hours, air-ammonia drying lasts for 1-3.5 hours. The most rapid way is the ammonium-vacuum drying which takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

At the end of the process the model composition is removed from shells by melting of different methods (in hot water; in the molten model composition of the same brand, with hot air) at temperatures of 96-200оС.

To monitor the progress of the drying process and management of the unit the ACS is created.

  • Client JSC "Zaporizhstal"
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Installation of vacuum- ammonia drying is intended to dry the ceramic coating forms on the melted models using a vacuum and ammonia.

To display information about the progress of the process and control the plant an automated system was developed, with number of basic features:

  • Providing two modes of operation of the unit – automatic and adjusting:
    • while working in adjustment mode it is carried out step by step management unit with the ability to change the time of all the necessary exposures;
    • while working in automatic mode the control program is automatically processed with all the timeslots to the end of the cycle.
  • With the help of signal reinforcement it shows step by step all the switching mechanisms.
  • All data are saved in nonvolatile memory.

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