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Automated control system of the fish processing unit

Due to sterilization, canned food can be stored for a long period of time. There are lots of reasons in the canned food production, which may result storage period reduction. Some of the causes are: heterogeneity of heating of the jars in the autoclave, incomplete observance of technological process parameters – temperature, time intervals, in other words, sterilization formula and others.

Therefore, constant equipment condition and production process monitoring are integral part of a technological process and necessary condition for the high quality products production.

System development purpose: to provide modern means of process control, technical accounting of energy resources and ability to view and analyse archive process parameters

As a result of implementing automated process control system, administration and staff of the fish processing plant got convenient and versatile tool to control technological process, as well as ability to archive process parameters.

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Automated control system of the fish processing unit implements:

  • providing personnel with monitoring tools of current equipment condition and canned food production parameters(temperature in the furnaces and autoclaves, pressure in autoclaves, temperature and level of the sauce, etc.)
  • current status display of technological equipment on PC mnemonics, on the local graphic display of the operator terminal, located directly at the unit, as well as on digital indicators built into the autoclaves;
  • visualization of technological parameters time displaying on diagrams;
  • technical account of the expenses and energy parameters (flow rate and water pressure);
  • automatic control of the sauce vessel level;
  • pre-emergency and emergency alarm on the mnemonic for signalling about beyond norm process parameters and triggered protection;
  • recording of the pre-emergency and emergency situations, staff actions on elimination of technological process violations and facility management;
  • distinction of the access to the system capabilities by password ;
  • process parameters archiving (archive depth – more than 5 years)
  • overall conveyors control;
  • sauce pump control.



Structure of automated control system of the :

Principle of automated control system construction is traditional. The basic functions of data control and collection are performed by controller installed in process automation cabinet. The controller is equipped with the necessary means for galvanic isolation and conversion of sensor signals into digital form as well as assigning control actions. Control cabinet is connected by information channels with a graphical operator terminal(installed directly on the cabinet door), digital indicators (installed in autoclaves), as well as top level computer located in a separate room.

Automated control system of fish processing unit includes:

  • personal computer;
  • cabinet of automated process control;
  • operator terminal (our own development). Has a graphic display and keypad;
  • digital indicators;
  • sensors installed on process equipment.

All signals from sensors connected to the cabinet of automated process control, which is located in the unit and is hinged. Signals of the automated process control cabinet are sent to normalization motherboard and galvanic isolation (our own production). Further analogue-to-digital conversion (PCL-818, Advantech) and discrete input boards(UNIO-95-5, Fastwel) are used, they are digitise. Obtained values are programmatically converted into real variables (PCA-6753, Advantech) and transmitted through information communication channels to PC, local operator terminal and digital indicators for displaying and archiving.


Software of automated process control system

Software of process control automation system is based on SCADA/HMI system Trace Mode 5.

F or compatibility with Trace Mode 5 Built-in software of graphic operator terminal and digital indicators have been modified. Which resulted connection on the native for Trace Mode protocol M-Link (RS-485). Connectedness between automated process control cabinet Central control panel was implemented through the Ethernet channel.

Function funds control system distributed as follows:

  • PC: displays the mnemonic, data in diagrams, archiving, backup archive on the media;
  • Automated process control cabinet: data collection, analysis, formation and delivery of control actions, data transmission to other nodes of the system;
  • Graphic operator terminal: displays key information about the technological process at unit;
  • Digital indicator: displays current value of the camera temperature and pressure in the autoclave steam generator.

In the process of working with PC, monitor displays the mnemonic technological process. The mnemonic schematically shows the equipment and placement of sensors. Switched on equipment is distinguished by backlight or image of movement.


The mnemonic displays following process parameters:

  • steam pressure in the steam generator and temperature in the autoclave cameras;
  • the temperature in solting baths;
  • level of the sauce in the pot;
  • number of cans coming down the conveyor;
  • flow of cold water;
  • oil temperature in the roasting furnace;
  • pressure of cold water in the line;
  • air pressure in the line;
  • steam pressure in steam generators.

During operation the system forms so-called report of alerts, which is recorded in form of various kind operational information messages:


  • system information;
  • messages about critical situations;
  • messages about alarms;
  • messages about changes in the system operation modes;
  • registration of operator actions.

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