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Body transport conveys different bodies from the rotating table of a skid transport system on the delivered lift empty skid of a final acceptance line.

Performed operations:

  • body feed to the skid transport;
  • manipulator descending and body clamping;
  • manipulator raise;
  • horizontal motion of the manipulator from the body pick to the body drop areas – lift table with delivered skid at a final acceptance line;
  • lowering of a manipulator with a body on the skid, unclamping and manipulator raise;
  • body descending on skid, clamped on the lift table for further transfer on the final acceptance line
  • manipulator return to home position.
  • Client PJSC "ZAZ"
  • Skills Automation
  • Website https://www.avtozaz.com
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ETM created a control system, ensuring a safe body transport operation in a set mode.

  • In automatic mode: the system is controlled by PLC; selection and performance of every next step is defined by PLC.
  • In semi-automatic (adjustment) mode: the system is controlled by PLC, action selection (next step of an operating sycle) – if this step is allowed to the transport after operator’s command.
  • In manual (emergency) mode: the manipulator operates under the direct operator’s supervision, PLC is off the control circuit.

Manual (emergency) operation mode performs the operator’s command when emergency signals are on, when transport protection circuits and adjacent lines signals are produced. Manual (emergency) mode is selected by an emergency operation switch.

  • To perform actions (different steps of an operation cycle) of the transport, the skid transport system, body transfer line control system and final acceptance line control system exchange signals.
  • To define the authorization signal, the signals of sensors and end-switches of the body transfer line are correlated with the signals of the skid transport system of the final acceptance line.
  • Actions of a body transport are correlated with transfer line signals and final acceptance line.
  • Preventing conflicting commands (e.g. simultaneous motion in opposing directions) by mechanical mutual block of buttons or switches installation.
  • ETM created a real-time control system for instant critical equipment failure detection – motors failure, belt tension control, current step-up, which means motor start without a start command etc. and further automatic reaction of a transport control system protection circuit and simultaneous signal sending to adjacent control system (body transfer line, final acceptance line).
  • Descending cycle type switch was made depending on the body availability on a skid. Descending cycle type switch must ensure the precise identification of the descending type. Formed descending cycle type signal is sent to the transport control system.
  • Optic sensor is used for the final acceptance line software to detect the body availability on a
  • End-switch is used in the final acceptance line software to define the body type.